Pune Crime | Tehsildar of Haveli forcibly bribed, Accused transferred money using Google Pay

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Loni Kalbhor : Deccan Express Pune Crime | An illegal sand transporter has tried to pay a bribe by depositing Rs 50,000 in the personal savings account of Haveli Tahsildar to release the truck. A case has been registered against the bribe giver at Khadakmal police station.

On Monday (Sep. 13) afternoon, a truck was found transporting sand at Shewalewadi on the Pune-Solapur highway. Tehsildar Trupti Kolte Patil asked to stop the truck. The truck driver stopped the truck, took the truck key and fled. Tehsildar Trupti Kolte Patil called Hadapsar District Magistrate Venkatesh Chiramulla and called the concerned Talathis or Kotwals to the spot. While they were waiting for him, a young man approached them. Saying I own the truck, he started begging to release the truck. He also showed him the lure of money; But Kolte Patil refused. After some time Kotwal Tangade came there. Tehsildar instructed him to inspect the vehicle and conduct a panchnama and proceeded to the tehsil office.

During the journey from Shewalwadi to Tehsil Office, the owner of the truck chased the vehicle on his two-wheeler and asked them to stop the truck; But Patil came straight to the office without stopping. During this time, he got repeated calls from an unknown number. When he picked up the phone, the person in front asked him for his account number. He said the owner of the sand truck you caught asked me to deposit money in your account. On this, Kolte scolded the person and said that he would file a case as he was forcibly paying a bribe and hung up the phone.

On the way home after work, the driver informed him that the owner of the confiscated truck had deposited money into Patil’s account. When Patil checked his account, it was found that first one rupee was deposited and then 50 thousand rupees was deposited.

Notably, the truck transporting unauthorized sand is in the premises of the tehsil office, Haveli. The action was taken in this regard.

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