Senior official in company rapes 31-year-old woman

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Pune : deccan express Pune Crime |  The Hadapsar police have registered a case against Rahul Kumar Singh (37), a resident of Kharadi and Malav Acharya (30), a resident of Ahmedabad in connection with a rape case. The girl, working in a private company, was lured by Rahul Kumar Singh with the promise of marriage and was raped many times. He maligned her reputation in the company with the help of his aide. She was threatened that if she complained to the police, her family would meet with an accident.


A 31-year-old woman from Ahmedabad has filed a complaint. The incident took place at Manjri, Kharadi and various other places from the first week of October 2020 to June 11, 2021.


According to the police, when the woman was working in Pune, Rahul Kumar Singh was her senior officer. He communicated with her frequently on the phone and lured her into a relationship. He told her that he will divorce his wife and marry her. The accused took her to various places and established sexual relations with her.


When the girl asked him about marriage, he with the help of his aide Malav Acharya maligned her reputation in her neighbourhood and the company. He tortured her mentally and forced her to leave Pune and go back to Ahmedabad. He threatened her that she will be raped and her family members will be harmed and no one will come to know about it and assaulted her.


PSI Gosavi is investigating the case.


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