Businessman based in Pune Camp cheated of Rs 35 lakh under the guise of giving new notes

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Pune: Deccan ExpressPune Crime | An incident has come to light wherein fraudsters cheated a businessman of Rs 35 lakh by promising to give him notes of new series and instead gave him a bundle of notes used in toys. (Pune Crime)


A 52-year-old businessman of Pune Camp has lodged a complaint at the Lashkar police station. Accordingly, the police have filed an FIR against Sadiq Mubarak Sheikh, a resident of Koregaon park, Jaswinder Singh Tarasinh Gundev, a resident of Raviwar Peth and Jitendra Mehta, a resident of Bharuch, Gujarat. The incident took place from May 22 to June 28 at Kumar Pavilion in Pune Camp.


According to the police, the complainant has a trading business and he has an office in Kumar Pavillion. The complainant’s friend Sharif Khan brought Sadik Sheikh to his office on May 2. Sheikh told the complainant that he had 500 notes of the new series and he will give two notes in place of one note. He also told the complainant that if he was ready to invest, he would give double the notes. He also told him that if he invests Rs 10 lakh, he will get Rs 20 lakh. The complainant told him that he will think about the offer and let him know.


On May 26, Sadik Sheikh brought with him a person named Jaswinder Singh. He said that Jitendra Mehta will give two notes of the new series instead of one note. He trusted Jaswinder Singh and gave Rs 20 lakh to him on May 28. Jaswinder Singh told the complainant that he will get Rs 40 lakh of new series notes. When he asked Singh the next day about the money, he said he had to go to Bhuj. He took Rs 15 lakh and went to Bhuj accompanied by a person named Ashish Shah. He contacted Jitendra Mehta after going to Bhuj.


A bag containing new notes was shown to the complainant. Jitendra Mehta was introduced to the complainant. Mehta told him that He will get new notes of Rs 1 crore in place of Rs 45 lakh. He gave Rs 15 lakh which he had with him to Jaswinder Singh and Sadik Sheikh. The complainant was told that he will receive the money in his office. The complainant returned to Pune. On June 8, a peon in his office told him that Jaswinder Singh had come to office and left a bag for him. When he opened the bag, he found it was filled with toy notes. After he realised that he had been cheated, he approached the Lashkar police station and lodged a complaint.


API Shilimkar is investigating the case.


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