Pune crime | Brave girl resists rapist, hits back, escapes at Hadapsar

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Pune: deccan express – Pune crime | A 26-year-old man told a 12-year-old girl that a 16-year-old boy, their acquaintance, had cut his wrist as the girl is his lover’s friend and had told about their affair to his parents.


The man told the girl that the boy was on a drip. He wanted to know whether she had really informed his parents about his affair. The man called the 12-year-old girl to his room. He beat her up and tried to rape her.


However, the brave girl resisted him with all her might. She kicked, pushed him aside and freed herself from his clutches.

The police nabbed the culprit and the 16-year-old boy within hours at Katraj while they were trying to escape.


The incident took place at 7.30 pm on December 28 at Kalepadal, Hadapsar. Prashant alias Gotya Prakash Thitte (26), a resident of Kalepadal, has been arrested while his 16-year-old accomplice has been detained.


According to the police, the 16-year-old boy used to threaten the 12-year-old girl that he would kill her with a sickle. Then he used to tell her to pass his messages to his girlfriend. Thitte told her on Tuesday that the boy cut his wrist after she informed his parents and is crying. He told her that the boy was on a drip at his room and called her to his room to confirm whether she really told his parents about their affair. She refused to go with him to his room. Prashant then thrashed her and forced her to go to his room.


The girl fights back

He bolted the door of his room from inside and took her to his bedroom. He tried to touch her body but she resisted. Then he thrashed her again. He tried to rape her. The girl kicked him, pushed him aside with all her might. He fell on the floor. She immediately escaped by opening the door and informed her mother. Her mother took her to the accused. However, when he saw them coming, he ran away.


Her mother approached the Hadapsar police. Senior PI Arvind Gokule instructed API Ratnadeep Gaikwad, policemen Bajrang Dhaigude and Ganesh Bhise to track the culprit. They nabbed him at Katraj within hours.


The girl sets example

Such incidents happen frequently. Culprits mislead girls by taking advantage of their ignorance. In such situations, girls get frightened and fail to resist such attempts. However, the girl saved herself from the savage man using all her power and informed her parents. They approached the police immediately, who swung into action and arrested the man.

Web Title : Pune crime | Brave girl resists rapist, hits back, escapes at Hadapsar

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