Jaipur : Boy plans own kidnapping, asks for Rs 2.5 lakhs ransom

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Jaipur: According to the Jaipur Police, a boy Vikas, planned his own kidnapping along with his friends Yadram Gujjar and Lokendra Singh and asked for Rs 2.5 lakh ransom from his own father.

A video went viral where the boy’s hands and legs were tied and two men were hitting him. The police received a tip that kidnappers had picked a boy from Malviya nagar and the kidnappers asked for 2.5 lakh rupees to release the boy. The video was sent to the boy’s father in Ajmer’s Kekri and caused panic in the family.

DCP Rahul Jain said that Prem Singh, resident of Kekri had filed a complaint about his missing son and that his son was asking for money since the last two days. Meanwhile, Prem Singh received a video of his son being tied and beaten up by the kidnappers asking for 2.5 Lakh as ransom money. The police then took action and arrested the suspects.

Upon questioning the suspects, police got to know that Prem Singh’s son Vikas was himself involved in his kidnapping along with Yadram Gujjar and Lokendra Singh. Jaipur Police arrested all three of them. Vikas said he had borrowed 70 thousand rupees from people which he had to return.

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