Gang of minors assaults youths; One of the victim’s palm gets severed; Incident takes place in Katraj

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Pune : Deccan Express – Pune Crime News | A shocking incident has come to light in Katraj wherein a gang of minors assaulted a youth and his palm got severed because they were angry that the youth had complained to police about them over previous enmity. The Bharati Vidyapeeth police have registered an FIR against eight people including three minors. (Pune Crime News)


The youth has been identified as Akhilesh Ladappa Chandrakant Kalshetty and the doctors carried out an emergency operation and managed to reattach his hand.


Abhijeet Dudhnikar (23), a resident of Katraj, has lodged a complaint at the Bharati Vidyapeeth police station. The police have arrested Nikhil alias Rohit Gorakh Dinkar (19), a resident of Katraj. An FIR has been registered against Rohit Bodre, Prem Gungarang, Yuvraj Devkate, their aides and three minors. The incident took place opposite a men’s parlour at Sukhsagar Nagar at 4.30 pm.


According to the police, Ladappa and Rohit Bodre and others have disputes. There was tension between them. When the complainant and Ladappa were going on a two-wheeler at 4.30 pm near KNK Society, Rohit Bodre and Prem Gungarage, who were carrying sharp weapons, crossed them. However, they started chasing the complainant. Ladappa reduced the speed of the vehicle because an autorickshaw suddenly came before him. The accused surrounded the complainant. Rohit Bodre abused them and said, “Why have you filed a case against us? I will murder you,” and started assaulting the complainant. The complainant tried to evade the blows with his left hand. His hand was injured and blood started oozing out. He got scared and started running towards Khandoba temple. However, the other accused kicked him. Two of them tried to assault him on his head by using a sickle. He tried to evade but was hit on his wrist. His palm got severed from the wrist. The local residents started running helter skelter. The gang members too disappeared.


The complainant’s friends admitted them to Bharati Hospital. The doctors at the hospital performed an emergency operation and re-attached his hand. The Bharati Vidyapeeth police have registered an FIR of attempt to murder.


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