Elder sister and ber partner eloped, while following them Brother lost his life

by amolwarankar
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Panipat: A 18 year old boy named Vansh died after being injured by sister’s boyfriend. He was beaten and left abandoned on road by friends and relative of sister’s partner.

In the village of Namunda in Panipat, Vansh’s elder sister eloped with her partner residing in same village. Vansh followed her sister on knowing she is absconding from house. However he had to lost his life.

After knowing about the incident the family of reached the spot and took him to the hospital where he died during treatment. The family members have accused the lover and his family of assaulting and killing him by feeding poisonous substances.

The deceased’s uncle Praveen said, ‘his elder sister was in relationship with bad person. The couple was explained and warned about their relationship. However, they threatened us and decided to elope’.

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