Delivery boy violates, blackmails 66 women, arrested

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Kolkata: The West Bengal police arrested a delivery boy and his aide who raped and blackmailed no less than 66 women, the police said on Tuesday.

The arrested accused have been identified as Vishal Verma and Suman. They belonged to Bandel in Hooghly district of the state.

Vishal, who worked as a delivery boy for an e-commerce firm, tricked female customers (especially homemakers) into sharing their number under the pretext of taking feedback. He would then lure them for video calling him. Vishal used to take screenshots of the video call and blackmailed them. The accused forced the women to come to his house where he raped them.

Vishal has confessed to his crime of raping 66 women. He would also extort money from the victims. Only when a victim from Chinsurah filed a complaint with the police the accused’s modus operandi came to light. She informed that the accused had delivered goods to her house two months ago. The victim added that he took her number and forged a friendship with her. She said that Vishal had raped her when she went to his house.

On Saturday, the cops raided his house in Bandel and caught him with another victim. The police have seized his cell phone and recovered microchips containing pictures and videos of several women. In one such video, he was seen holding a victim hostage at gun-point.

Suman, his friend, is a painter by profession, and committed several crimes together with Vishal. He has been recently been married.

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