Crime News | Suspicious death of Nagar Urban Bank branch manager

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Pune : Deccan Express – Crime News | Gorakshanath Suryabhan Shinde, Branch Manager of Nagar Urban Bank has died after consuming poisonous medicine. It is suspected that he has committed suicide. For the last few days, the City Urban Bank has been in discussion about various reasons (Crime News). Shinde’s death is also being linked to this. Shinde is being said to have committed suicide under stress after the discrepancy in gold deposits of Shevgaon branch was exposed.

On Tuesday afternoon, information about the suicide of Gorakshanath Shinde came to light. Shinde lived in Bhatkudgaon of Nagar taluka. In the afternoon he was found unconscious in the field. He was immediately taken to the hospital where the doctor declared him brought dead. It is being said that he died due to consuming poisonous medicine. It is being said that Shinde has left the suicide note before death but the police has not confirmed it.

Due to the disturbances in the Nagar Urban Bank and complaints related to it, the board of directors was dismissed and an administrator has been appointed in the bank.

Shinde had informed the bank headquarters about these complaints in 2018 but it was not being taken care of. The deposited gold was put up for auction.

At that time the information about it being fake came to the fore. There was also a dispute between the administrator and the members during the auction. The members have accused the bank of neglecting the mess that has been going on for a long time.

The bank, already trapped in politics, is now feared to face controversy due to the death of Gorakshanath Suryabhan Shinde.

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