A woman suicided after being married for five years, husband had extra-marital affair

by amolwarankar
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Varanasi : Pooja of Varanasi fell in love with Mohammad Aftab of Lucknow five years ago and become Zoya. However, she decided in Saturday. Pooja to Zoya and then suicide is been linked to love Jihad by locals here.

According to the report, Pooja was living in the large Gavi area in ​​Bhelupur police station area with husband Aftab.

Pooja’s mother kiran said that both were happily married untill his mother came from Lucknow to stay with them. Pooja and Aftab quarreled a lot thereafter, sometimes it became violent.

Pooja’s mother also stated Aftab was having an affair with another girl for the last three years, which was one of the reason behind Pooja’s suicide.

Local claims that Aftab used to ask Pooja to read Namaz but Pooja was not ready for it. “Aftab never used to call her Pooja instead referred as Zoya,” said Sunil Kumar Verma, a youth living in the neighborhood.

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