10 Naxalites killed in Anti-Naxal Operations of Gadchiroli

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Deccan Express

Eight to 10 Naxalites are estimated to have been killed in clashes between police and Naxalites in Gadchiroli on Friday (Dec. 21). The incident took place in Paddy forest in Etapalli town. Meanwhile, the number of exterminated Naxalites could increase. A search operation is still underway in the area, which is close to the Chhattisgarh border. Due to this action, Gadchiroli police has got great success.

Gadchiroli police C-60 commandos were conducting anti-Naxal operations in the area. At that time, the police got information that Kasansur Naxal force was operating in the area. A few days ago, a police post was attacked by Naxals. But, fortunately no damage was done in the rocket launcher attack. After that, the police had launched an anti-Naxal operation.

The clash took place between Thursday night and Friday morning as part of the operation. It is learned that several Naxal leaders were killed in the incident. The present is the time of tendu leaf collection. The economy of the whole region depends on the collection of tendu leaf. Naxalites decide the price of Tendu leaf.

The Naxals had called a meeting in a village to decide the price of Tendu address. Based on this information, the police have taken this action by holding back the meeting.

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