Over 1000 revelers fined at various one day picnic spots near Pune

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Deccan Express |  Revelers went out to visit various one day picnic spots near Pune have been slapped with fines by police. One day picnic spots like Mulshi, Lonavala, Khadakwasla backwater, Sinhgad Fort among others are famous for people. Especially during monsoon.

Recently police have banned various tourism activities in Pune district and nearby areas due to the high COVID positivity rate.

Enthusiasts flocking these One day picnic spots near Pune were got surprised when they found police
checkpoints at various spots on road leading to Sinhagad fort, Khadkwasala and Panshet backwaters.

Pune rural police collected fined of revelers on Saturday and Sundays and collected fine over a lakh rupees on various locations

Lonavala, Khandala, Amby Valley among others are is also famous one day picnic spots near Pune due to places like Karla Caves, Bhaje Caves, Lohgad Fort and Pawana dam, Tiger Point, Lions Point among others. Here also Lonavala police fined people for violating various norms including not wearing masks. Fine worth over Rs 1 lakh has been collected.

Enthusiasts heading towards the Mulshi, one of the famous monsoon tourist spots also faced music by the police. Checkpoints erected near Bhugaon, Ghotawade Phata, various parts of Bhugaon and Mulshi. Cops checked the vehicles and only allowed people for genuine reasons. Other tourists were sent back by the police personnel deployed.

Revelers were also seen arguing with police however with strict implementation of the rules police collected fine over Rs 30,000 from them.

Recently, Deputy Chief Minister, Ajit Pawar who is also Guardian minister for Pune district warned people who are going out for monsoon tourism. After a review meeting with Pune officials he warned people not to take Covid-19 lightly. He had said, “This is the trekking season and many are venturing out for it. There are many who are going to devotional places. We are not against any religion but considering the present situation we need to be careful. If people do not follow norms then we will have to take strict measures.”

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